Application, CV and covering letter

We receive hundreds of applications, and with each and every one of these we ask for relevant details pertaining to the processing of your application. Please be assured we will confidentially store your information in line with relevant legislation and best practice.

Writing a great covering letter

It’s really important that you stand out from the crowd. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Covering letters/Covering Videos are a perfect opportunity for you to show your motivation and demonstrate why you’re the right person for the job. Remember quite often this will be your first introduction to your employer, so make sure it counts.

For more information on Video Interviews please click HERE.

Some pointers you may wish to consider are:

Make it clear; always know the position of the job you are applying for.

Why you? Wow us, tell us why you want the job, explain why you feel you’d be suitable briefly detailing any relevant experience and skills that relate to the role.

Make it compelling. Tailor your covering letter/ Video Interview to the specific job application. Don’t be tempted to use one standard template. It supports your motivation if you are able to show us how you can add value to your first, or next vessel.

Is it spelt correctly? You know it makes sense; it’s also a good idea to ask a friend or family member to cast their eye over as a double check.

Your CV

Re-vamp your CV. It can be a bit of a minefield on where to start. A great CV really highlights your skills and experience and can set you apart from the competition.

There’s a wealth of information on the internet to help you create your perfect CV.

Here are a few highlights:

Portrait photo. keep the photo clinical with no distractions! The background should be simple and ideally on a plain backdrop. The photo is about you and not what’s behind you.

Keep it punchy and factual. Two pages is more than enough.

Do you have a seamless link in dates for your career history? – account for any gaps in your CV, you should update your CV regularly to keep it current.

Personal Details

Always include your name, phone numbers and email address. Also tell us the best way to get in contact with you, because it’s not great to miss out on an opportunity just because you don’t check an email address that often. Changed your number recently? Update your CV. Don’t forget if we can’t reach you then we can’t interview you!

Work Experience

Honesty really is always the best policy. Please don’t embellish or exaggerate the truth, this will inevitably catch you out if you get through to the interview stage.

• List your most recent work experience first.
• Describe your experience in short sentences or bullet points.
• Highlight the general responsibilities of your role, your achievements, plus the skills required.
• Cover any gaps in your experience.

We rigorously check work experience through our referencing & vetting processes. As a recruitment agency we have very tight security processes, which demand that these checks are always completed satisfactorily. Please, provide us with contact details of all of your references.


List details of any qualifications, you might also like to include any additional qualifications or courses that you’ve attended which would be relevant to the role you’re applying for.


Highlight any other skills that you have including IT skills or additional languages that may be relevant to or useful in the role. This is your chance to really sell yourself, so don’t be afraid to shine. Remember if you don’t your competition will!


Good presentation is essential to create the impression, make sure your CV is structured with a good layout, clearly highlight headings and all the relevant information. Highlight your achievements and not just your responsibilities. Include examples of your work, if appropriate.

• Use clear fonts and colours when writing your CV.
• Always use a readable typeface and select a sensible font size.
• Always use spell check.
• If in doubt, phone a friend, because it never hurts to get a second opinion. Ask someone else to read through your CV and give you constructive feedback.

Video Interview

Here at One Ocean Marine we believe in providing our candidates with the best recruitment experience possible, so you may find as part of our recruitment process, you’re invited to complete a video interview.

Our focus on innovation as a business led us to use digital video interviewing technology because:

• You’re given the flexibility of completing your interview at your own convenience – anytime, anywhere even in the comfort of your own home.
• You are able to tell us your unique story through video.
• Quicker decisions are made as recruiters and employers can watch your video, this makes a great first impression and puts your CV at the top of their list.

If you need help with any of the above, then please email [email protected] and we would be happy to assist you.